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Today, over 90% of experimental therapies that reach human trials fail to make it to market. These trials fail primarily due to lack of efficacy and safety. Some drugs shouldn't go to trial, while many that do are suboptimally designed. All this is causing trials to become increasingly longer, more expensive, and less effective while patients aren't getting the drugs they need.

With recent advances in data and AI, it has become clear that we can begin to close that gap with the help of technology. QuantHealth is taken upon itself to be a leader in the field of biosimulation, in-silico trials, and synthetic evidence generation- working with the pharmaceutical industry, academia, and regulators, hand in hand, to develop transformative AI solutions that dramatically increase the probability of success.

We envision a world where clinical trial simulations and synthetic trials are an integral part of every trial's design process and regulatory path. In this world, drugs will be developed faster and cheaper than ever before, and the burden on patients and the entire healthcare system will be dramatically reduced.



Jan 8 2024

QuantHealth raises funding from Accenture and others

QuantHealth, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based AI-powered clinical trial design company that simulates clinical trials, received a strategic investment from Accenture Ventures along...

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Oct 4 2023

QuantHealth, interview with CEO Orr Inbar

QuantHealth, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based AI-powered clinical trial design startup, recently raised $15M in Series A funding. In conjunction with the funding, Orr Inbar, the co-founder and CEO, answered our questions...

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Aug 30 2023

QuantHealth brings its AI-informed clinical drug trials to the US with $15M round

Biotech, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies all hope AI will streamline drug development and make it more efficient, and 38% have already adopted the technology...

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Jul 20 2023

QuantHealth taking a data-driven predictive approach to simulate clinical trials

In drug discovery, the process of shooting for regulatory approval can feel less like a sprint and more like a marathon, but with no guarantee of crossing the finish line. Despite...

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Jun 30 2023

QuantHealth hires former ConcertAI, Allscripts leader and more digital health hires

Rural hybrid care provider Homeward also adds to its board, and virtual pediatric behavioral care provider promotes from within.

QuantHealth, an Israeli AI-enabled...

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Feb 2023

In 2022, the Hub launched the IQVIA Accelerator Program

Quanthealth: Provider of an AI-powered clinical trial simulation platform that predicts how individual patients will respond to investigational therapies — to support the clinical trial design and...

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Dec 18 2022

Six Israeli startups selected to participate in BeyondBio SCALE program

Improving cancer treatment, enabling efficient ways for sharing data for advanced research, and AI for predicting drug safety, are all among the innovative solutions developed by...

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Oct 26  2022

QuantHealth raises $2.6 Million seed round to provide comprehensive clinical trial simulation solution

By allowing pharmaceutical and biotech companies to virtually execute thousands of clinical trials in minutes, QuantHealth is transforming...

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Mar 3 2022

4P-Pharma and QuantHealth join forces to conduct AI-based in-Silico clinical trial simulations

4P-Pharma signs a partnership with QuantHealth, a data science start-up taking a unique in-silico approach to clinical trial simulations based on...

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